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"Where the impossible usually doesn't take any longer to do." C.H. Peger

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Clarence H. Peger Sr. started Hard Chrome Plating Consultants Inc. in 1975. He had over 35 years experience as hard chrome plater using the reversible-rack, two-busbar system. During his travels throughout the United States, he realized that much of the country was still hard chrome plating using the conventional stick anode system. Clarence H. Peger Sr. made it his personal mission to inform the world about the reversible-rack, two-busbar system. Philip P. Hale originally invented this system in 1930.


Clarence H. Peger wrote Hard Chrome Plating Simplified, a training manual, describing the reversible-rack, two-busbar system and how to set up a hard chrome plating shop. When hard chrome platers from all over the world asked him how to obtain the reversible racks, he started to manufacture and sell the racks himself. In addition, he provided consulting services to assist hard chrome platers in obtaining plating equipment and supplies and setting up shops using the reversible-rack, two-busbar system. Later, he wrote a monthly column, "Hard Facts about Hard Chrome," printed in Metal Finishing Magazine.


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